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Club Coach – Harry Clinkscales

Club Coach – Harry Clinkscales


It is my turn to write a post for the blog, and I thought it would be prudent for me to write about my experience in joining the club as I am the newest member of the coaching team.

I joined the Langley Tennis family in April 2018, and much like when you join a new school I was slightly nervous about being in a new environment, not knowing anyone and wondering if I would fit in at the club. However I soon found out that I had no need to be nervous as my fellow coaches and work-mates made me feel right at home here at Langley, making my transition from University Tennis to full time coach a smooth and enjoyable one, and before long I was cracking jokes and being myself. I am also grateful to the members at Langley who have embraced me and quickly made me feel like I have been at the club for years as opposed to the short period in which I have actually been here.

The stand-out feature for me at Langley Tennis Club that I can write about based on the experience that I have had is the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that exists at the club that is fostered by both the members and the staff, which truly makes anyone feel comfortable and able to be themselves. This was important to me as the fear of leaving the comfort of University life and having to enter the real world and become a functioning member of adult society was indeed a daunting one, but I can say with full confidence and meaning that I wholeheartedly enjoy my role at Langley Tennis Club and that I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given.

I would like to end this post in the most ridiculously sappy manner, and again express my thanks to both my colleagues and the members of the club for making me feel at home and putting up with my somewhat strange sense of humour.

Harry Clinkscales

Club Coach

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