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Langley Charity Day – Sue Barnard

Langley Charity Day – Sue Barnard

Langley’s exhibition match for charity

What a fantastic event! I have been to watch a number of matches between the Langley coaches and other clubs but this time it was different! I pulled into the car park, got out the car and was greeted by a waft of BBQ. What was in store? Through the swivel door and into the clubhouse! Noisy chit chat, kids running around, hustle and bustle, table tennis, foozball and a great sense of feeling part of something exciting that was about to happen. As well as the BBQ there was a Buffet table laid out with all sorts of amazing things to eat. Lisa, Sue and Roz were running around keeping everyone topped up with teas, coffees, hot chocolates and soft drinks.

The mini red players were on court having a fantastic time with Danny Sapsford and Luke Milligan both experienced Davis cup players. My son, Miles who has played at Langley since he was 3 was booked onto the junior yellow ball training session. It was his turn next. Of he went slightly apprehensive and a little nervous. A few minutes in he was in his element. The coaching was amazing. Lots of new drills and match play scenarios were played out. He was one of the younger players on court but he was encouraged to join in with everything and came off at the end beaming.

The exhibition match! Now I had been wondering since booking my ticket how we would get a good view of the match and feel the sense of occasion. Simple! We all went out on court. What a great idea. I think it’s the closest I have ever been to a match being played. First up Andre & Danny against and Michael & Luke. Where do I start? What a match. So much energy and skill! As the ball was played back and forth I looked over at the kids around me they were in absolute awe. Mouths opened and so engrossed in their coaches ability. Somethings they really haven’t seen up that close before. The banter between partners and across the net was cheeky and funny and entertained everyone watching. A second match was then played. Andre & Mikey against Danny & Luke. The Davis cup players took the game ……. but only just. Massive round of applause and cheers to everyone involved at the end followed by photo opportunities with the players.

Nothing more to say other than when is the next one? And I will definitely be there!

Susan Barnard Member March 2012

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